In 2017, there’s a 71% chance that potential home buyers are viewing properties, researching you, and interacting with you on their mobile phone. Engaging home buyers on their mobile devices is key to your success in 2017!

Here’s the evidence:

1. Where Buyers Found the Home They Purchased

Where home buyers found homes 2017Where home buyers found homes 2017

So clearly realtors and the internet are critical parts of home sales in 2017. But you already knew that. Here’s what’s really interesting:

2. Mobile Share of Online Time Percent 2017

Percentage of mobile time online in the US 2017Percentage of mobile time online in the US 2017
Source: comScore MMX Multi Platform - January 2017

This means that if someone is viewing your real estate website, there’s a 71% chance they’re doing it on their phone. So the questions then become:

  • What kind of impression does the mobile version of my site make?
  • Is my website even “mobile friendly”? What does this mean?
  • Is my site useful on a phone?
  • Will the mobile version of my site actually generate leads for me? If so, how?
  • How do I use my website effectively to keep generating leads?


Ok, so we know a huge percentage of your site visitors are on their mobile phone. What then?

Get them in the flow! This is what makes or breaks a website and what has a significant impact on your personal sales numbers.

What “flow” means is simply:

  1. Show, Don’t Ask. Home buyers are looking for homes. Start out by showing them some homes. Don’t ask them to answer a bunch of questions when they land on your site. Get them looking at and excited about the homes they can find on your site. (See how we do this )
  2. Be Visible. Once a visitor on your site gets engaged in looking at properties, make sure that they see you and can call you with a touch. Don’t make them dig for a phone number. They’re on their phone! (See how we do this )
  3. Wow Your Prospects. Your website reflects on you. It needs to work really well and create a great experience that instills the feeling in each home buyer that working with you is exciting and productive! (See how we do this )

All this needs to be done well because, on the internet, if they’re not impressed, or if your website is frustrating to use,  they’ll just go search somewhere else and you’ve lost them. The good news is that we take care of all these important details for you.

Where Are You?

I Have an Existing Site

If you have an existing site, something you can do right now is run Google’s “Mobile Friendly” test .

  • If your site fails the test, then immediate action is needed as your site is being penalized by Google.
  • If your site passes the test then the next step is to have a professional evaluate the Flow on your site. This is important because you can have a “Mobile Friendly” site that still does not flow – which means it won’t perform and your numbers will suffer!

I Need a New Website

If you need a new real estate website, we can help. We offer different pricing tiers and you can view our website features here.

Just remember that whatever you do, your site needs to Flow, on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and phones.

If you’d like to discuss options for setting up a new website, you can reach us at 832-821-5709 for a free consultation.

Need help? Call us at 832-821-5709 for a free consultation.